Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where do I shop?

The single most asked question to me is where do I find my clothes? I often hear from women who ask me that very question that they as plus size ladies cannot find fashionable clothing in their size. The answer for me is simple... EVERYWHERE! I shop everywhere! I love to travel and do it as often as I can and part of the fun of traveling for me is shopping. As someone well over a size 18 I know how difficult it can be to find cute items in my size or that fit me the way I would like them to. My secret is simple, everything I wear isn't necessarily my numbered size... rather just fits me how/where I'd like it to. Stretch is ultra important for me at 5'5 and over 350lbs. Depending on the size, shape of the garment and stretch factor I will try to fit any size usually starting with a 2x if I feel it may have enough stretch and material to fit me properly or the way I want it to. Some of the stores that I find usually have items that will fit me are Torrid, Lane Bryant, Catherines, Fashion Bug, Avenue, Rainbow, Dots, Simply Fashion(goes up to a size 36!), Cato, Ross, Bealls Outlet, Target and even Walmart and K-Mart have a decent selection of plus sizes on occassion... I tend not to order things online as I am afraid that it will not fit me correctly and just that has happened many times. But when I do order online, I have ordered from BigGalsLingerie.com, WomanWithin.com, JessicaLondon.com and a few others that allude my memory at the moment. So go out shopping and try things on, even if you think the item is technically in your size.. you may just be pleasantly surprised!

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